CEASE Therapy

CEASE Therapy – Complete Eradication of Autism Spectrum Expression


CEASE Therapy is a method for addressing negative effects of vaccines, medications, and other environmental toxins. These effects include autism and ADD / ADHD, as well as other neurological and digestive issues. Homeopathic preparations of the offending substances assist the body in clearing the toxins and their effects.

Some individuals react to one or more ingredients in vaccines, medications, or other elements in the environment such as fluoride. These reactions can range from extreme inflammation at injection site to high-pitched, prolonged crying; from respiratory and digestive difficulties to neurological symptoms such as ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. The offending environmental toxins do not cause these conditions; they merely trigger them in susceptible individuals, i.e., those with immune systems compromised in one way or another.

Classical homeopathy (like cures like) can often treat these reactions effectively. Just about as often, however (about half the time), classical homeopathic methods prove unsatisfactory: a favorable response to the remedy doesn’t hold or a well-prescribed remedy simply fails to act. Under these circumstances the homeopath suspects an “obstacle to healing.”

An obstacle to healing may be found in the diet (poor nutrition, food sensitivities or allergies, etc.) or elsewhere in the environment (ongoing exposure to dampness or secondhand smoke, for example); removal of these obstacles can be relatively straightforward. On the other hand, toxins from things like vaccines can also persist in the body, creating an obstacle to healing. These are not so easily neutralized. Under these circumstances, CEASE therapy may be employed.

Developed by Dutch physician and homeopath, Tinus Smits, MD, CEASE therapy uses isotherapy in conjunction with classical homeopathy and orthomolecular therapy, to rid the body of offending toxins. Gentle and effective, this method detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system, and is always uniquely tailored to each individual.


Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics are used to facilitate detoxification by keeping all detox pathways open and functioning smoothly. Other substances, such as activated charcoal and bentonite clay, are used to facilitate / expedite detoxification.


Homeopathic preparations of the offending substance detoxify the body. Most often, more than one substance may be involved, and each is addressed one at a time. In clearing vaccines, the homeopathic preparation is made from the exact formulation used to make the vaccine. This makes it very important to have precise information (name, lot number, and date) about what vaccines have been given.


A variety of homeopathic remedies are used during CEASE therapy to support the detoxification process and strengthen the immune system. These address constitutional issues individual to each case.


The process of CEASE therapy takes time, commitment and focus. Results can be seen quickly when treatment is begun soon after the injury and the offending substance is clear. More often however, clarity is elusive and it may take one to three years – or longer – to achieve significant results. We work closely together, meeting every four to six weeks to monitor progress and determine next steps. Every case is unique.

To really understand what you are getting into with CEASE therapy, read the parent blogs on http://www.cease-therapy.com. Also helpful is the book Autism, Beyond Despair: Homeopathy Has the Answers, available on Amazon.com.